Tactical Ops Files

TO:AOT Fixed Pack

To install Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror on modern systems try the TO:AOT 3.4 + 3.5 Fixed Pack. Its an easy download, extract and play package that includes various fixes and is pre-configured so you can play right away. After extracting the archive open the Tactical Ops Quick Join and you can either start TO 3.4 and TO 3.5 from the menu or directly join servers.

Both Downloads contain the same files
• A fixed version of Tactical Ops: Assault On Terror patched to version 3.4 with OpenGL Renderer v3.5 and SuperTeam Keybinder v1.4. On this version you can easily join all multiplayer servers, some servers use ACE Anti Cheat and only requires you to click a few buttons ingame first joining a server.
• A fixed version of Tactical Ops: Assault On Terror patched to version 3.5 with OpenGL Renderer from TO3.5 Patch and SuperTeam Keybinder v1.5. On this version some servers require you to install and configure the ESE Anti Cheat and ESE Renderers included in the Extra folder.
• The Tactical Ops Quick Join Tool that allows you to directly join a server from the builtin server browser or manually start either TO3.4 or TO3.5 from the menu.

Download Fixed Pack Zip Edition
• Contains TO3.4 + TO3.5 and the Quick Join Tool
• Larger file size but easy to extract with Windows Explorer or WinZip.

Download Fixed Pack 7-Zip Edition
• Contains TO3.4 + TO3.5 and the Quick Join Tool
• Smaller high compressed version, extract with 7-Zip.

Changes made since 2017/2018 version
• Updated the MarkC Mouse Fix in the Extra folder.
• Removed the outdated TO-Launcher from the Extra folder.
• Renamed the main folder from "Tactical Ops" to "TacticalOps".

Screenshot of the "TacticalOps" folder after extracting the download:

Screenshot of the Tactical Ops Quick Join Tool:

Installation and Starting

Extract the contents of the download by clicking on it with your right mouse button and select "Extract All" or incase of the 7z version use 7-Zip. Once the contents are extracted grab the "TacticalOps'' folder inside the freshly extracted "TO-AOT-v340-v350" folder and move it into a directory such as "C:/" or "C:/Games/" and try to avoid any User Folder like Desktop, Downloads, Documents or the Program Files Folders.

To start the game open the Tactical Ops Quick Join and select a server you wish to join, or start either TO340 or TO350 manually with Menu -> Launch Tactical Ops 3.4 or Launch Tactical Ops 3.5. Alternatively you can manually start TO3.4 from "TO340/System/TacticalOps.exe" and TO3.5 from "TO350/System/TacticalOps.exe"

Can't get the game to work? Or are having crashes? Try this page in the Tutorials & Info section.

Important Settings to Tweak

Player Name - Some servers might kick you if you have the default "Player" name so change it in the options menu from inside the game.

Frame Limit - The default framerate limit is set to 100, on servers with the new ACE v1.1b you can experience screen tearing or a laggy feel as a result. To change this value change FramerateLimit= in "Tactical Ops.ini" or view this page in the Tutorials & Info section. You can try to set it to your monitor refresh rate, or perhaps try 150. Before ACE v1.1b it was forced to a maximum of 180, newer versions force a maximum of 200. This is what most likely causes this issue. It's not recommended to set it higher then 200.

Sound Settings - Surround Sound and 3D Surround are disabled by default, tweak these to user preference in the Audio Settings. Remember to restart your game for these settings to take effect.

Mouse Settings - DirectInput is enabled by default for optimal mouse tracking. this however activates the ALT+TAB Crosshair and Buyscreen Bugs. To disable it go to the Mouse Settings and restart your game afterwards. To get ''better'' mouse tracking without DirectInput, use the MarkC Mouse Fix, its included in the Extra folder. Check the Readme for information.

Other Settings - Most players will lower or disable View Bob (screen shake while moving) and set the Music Volume to 0%. Some also set the ingame brightness very high for optimal visibility of enemies

You will have to set all those settings for both versions separately.

Features of the Fixed Pack

Fixed Server Browser - Since the GameSpy shutdown the Tactical Ops server browser stopped working. By using 3 alternative Master Servers they now display servers again. Also the server list only displays servers of a compatible version instead of a mixed server list.

Fixed Game Speed and Mouse Input - By default the game would run at such a high and inconsistent framerate it resulted in speed up and slow down gameplay combined with irregular mouse tracking. By limiting the max fps this has been fixed, SwapInterval is set to 0 to also improve the delay of mouse input.

Fixed OpenGL Renderer Kick - TO v3.4 has OpenGL Renderer v3.5 that works on all servers. Newer Renderers have been released but are not compatible with multiplayer servers on both versions. TO v3.5 has an older OpenGL Renderer released with the v3.5 Community Patch since that lets you join all servers except the ones that require the ESE Anti Cheat Client installed and activated. For ESE Servers in v3.5 you will need to have installed the ESE Renderers from the ESE Account Manager.

Keybinder Included - Included are SuperTeam Keybinder v1.4 for TO v3.4 and v1.5 for TO v3.5. These can be launched ingame from the main menu and is a tool that lets you bind various game commands to buttons of your choice. Very useful tool and a must have for every player.

TO 3.5 is ESE compatible - Run the ESESetup.exe in the Extra Folder for the ESE Account Manager. Once you have an ESE account and the keyfile placed into the TO350/System folder, have installed the ESE Client and the Renderers from the Account Manager you should be able to join all TO 3.5 ESE Servers. Just make sure you select the TO350/System/TacticalOps.exe and not the Tactical Ops Quick Join.exe as the install location.

Extra Information

Changes made to TO 3.4 & TO 3.5
• Deleted Old Video Renderers (Direct3D, Glide and Metal)
• Deleted Old Audio Renderer (SGL)
• TacticalOps.ini cleaned from data of removed Audio and Video Renderers (Direct3D, Glide and Metal, SGL, XDriver, GenericAudioSubSystem)
• Deleted Unused files from original installer (Setup.exe, Setup.int and Manifest.cfg)
• Deleted Unused Language Files in System Folder (*.det, *.est, *.frt and *.itt)
• Deleted Unused Server files (/Web/ and System/TacticalOpsWinServer.bat and UCC.exe)
• Fixed Server Browser (TacticalOps.ini, TOSystem.int and UBrowser.int)
• Merged Sub folders from /TacticalOps/ with the main folders
• Set to use the OpenGL Renderer by default
• Set FrameLimit to 100, Set SwapInterval to 0
• Set Anisotropic Filtering to 16x by default
• Set Default Resolution to 1024x768 32bits
• Disabled Mouse Smoothing
• Enabled DirectInput
• Brightness @ 50%
• Audio, Music and Announcer Volume @ 50%
• View Bobbing @ 50% (10% lower as default)
• Disabled Auto Weapon Reload
• Cleaned up TacticalOps.ini and User.ini
• Copied over TacticalOps.ini to Default.ini and User.ini to DefUser.ini

Changes made to TO 3.4
• OpenGL Renderer v3.5 (Latest one compatible with TO3.4 TOST)
• SuperTeam KeyBinder v1.4 (Made for TO3.4)

Changes made to TO 3.5
• OpenGL Renderer from TO 3.5 Patch (Some servers with no ESE kick for OpenGL Renderer v3.5)
• SuperTeam KeyBinder v1.5 (Made for TO3.5 with compatilbilty for TO3.4)

Changed_or_Removed_Files.zip - Added as backup
Included in the Extra folder is a Changed_or_Removed_Files.zip that includes all deleted or altered files.