Map Servers & Redirect

TO-Files hosts two TO3.4 servers with all the 2100+ maps available for voting so players have an easy way to play, test or explore all preserved maps in the file archive.

They run the MapVoteUL v2.4 mapvote mutator that has a search function but requires a minimum screen resolution of 1024×768. For instructions on how to open the mapvote read the repeating chat messages in the server or view this YouTube Video.

The servers even allow you to view map readme files, but only when a map has a readme available and its currently being played on. Check the tabs at the top of the mapvote menu. For the search function the center area. Screenshots only appear in the mapvote when you have the map installed or cached in your game folder.

The 32 slots server is meant as a public server and the solo server is limited to 1 player so you can search & vote without getting ”disturbed” by other players who might join if you are searching for a map. Both servers have no bots enabled as 75% or more of the maps have no bot support and it might interfere with playing or testing certain maps like fall maps.

* The map archive servers are offline from 08:00 to 17:00 CET on Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri to ensure no other network activity lags the servers. Map Archive @ 2147 Maps (MapVoteUL)
GameTracker Info | 333Networks Info Map Archive Solo @ 2147 Maps (MapVoteUL)
GameTracker Info | 333Networks Info

Public TO3.4 Redirect

A redirect is used by a game server to transfer files faster to players without consuming server bandwidth. This public Tactical Ops 3.4 File Redirect is open to everybody, you can use it on your server or with demo manager programs. To view the live file list of the redirect go to

You are free to download from there but it’s recommended to get files from the File Archive. To search for filenames on the redirect use the search function of your browser by pressing CTRL+F.
For support or file upload:

Server Configuration

Quick File Summary
All 2100+ Custom Maps and Required Packages
TOST v4.2.4.0 + TOST Weapons v1.4.0.0
ACE v0.8G, ACE v0.8H, ACE v1.0C
Announcer2k3, Announcer2k4
Some Mutators/Addons (CTF, DM)

Extra Information
The redirect is hosted by a hosting provider and not the the same pc/server as the game servers. Monthly bandwidth is unlimitedThe files on the redirect are not case sensitive. Currently 4.3GB / 5GB of space is used by 3400+ uz compressed files.

Map Readme Redirect
When using custom mapvote mutators that can display readme files such as MapVoteXL or MapVoteUL you can also use (