Public Redirect

A redirect is used by a game server to transfer files faster to players without consuming game server bandwidth. This TO3.4 redirect is public and free to be used by anybody, you can use it on your server or with demo manager programs.

The redirect is online 24/7 and is hosted on and not on the same server as the game servers. Monthly bandwidth is unlimitedThe filenames on the redirect are not case sensitive. Currently 4.5GB / 5GB of space is used by 3600+ uz compressed files.

To view the live file list of the redirect go to, you can use the search function of your browser CTRL+F to search for file names.

For support or file upload:

Server Configuration

Quick File Summary
All 2200+ Custom Maps and Required Packages
TOST v4.2.4.0 + TOST Weapons v1.4.0.0
ACE v0.8G, ACE v0.8H, ACE v1.0C
Some Mutators/Addons