Tactical Ops Files

Public Redirect

A redirect is used by a game server to transfer files faster to players without consuming game server bandwidth. This TO3.4 redirect is public and free to be used by anybody, you can use it on your server or with demo manager addons that allow auto file download. The redirect is online 24/7 and is hosted on to-files.nl and not on the same server as the game servers. Monthly bandwidth is unlimited. The filenames on the redirect are not case sensitive.

If you use this redirect on your server it is strongly recommended to download all custom maps from the TO-Files.nl file archive, various maps have been fixed and some filenames have been edited since they had characters in their files names that are incompatible with http redirect.

To decompress files from UZ or the other way around try out Unreal Deps, i made a small a tutorial video on how to use it.

Server Configuration

Demo Manager Configuration

File Summary
• 2500+ Maps and Required Packages
• TOST v4.2.4.0
• TOST Protect v1.9.9.4
• TOST Weapons v1.4.0.0
• ACE v1.1D
• NexGen v1.12
• NexGen PlayerLookup v2.02N
• TechsNoDodge
• Announcer2k3
• Announcer2k4
• SpielwieseSounds
• Spikes-Sounds-v3
• TOF-Sounds-v3
• BotUnBalancer v1.0b
• MapVoteUL v2.4

Problem Maps not on Redirect (7)
• TO-[C]rash_Advanture - Breaks server from Internet to LAN mode
• TO-[M]NewServers20110123 - Reconnects players to other servers
• TO-[M]SwitchFunv3 - Reconnects players to other servers
• TO-AS-Wolf - Breaks server from Internet to LAN mode
• TO-Fall-to-Fall - Bad spawns and broken low gravity for falling
• TO-M2HB-TEST - Small test map
• TO-ServerSwap - Reconnects players to other server

Maps not on Redirect for Storage Space (12)
• TO-[C]rash_Arena
• TO-[C]rash_BON
• TO-[C]rash_DiscoLand
• TO-BasikArena
• TO-DM-{ESG}London-Olympics-2012
• TO-DM-ViceCity
• TO-FacePalm
• TO-FNB-UnrealGateways
• TO-FNB-TrekWooT
• TO-ThaiBeachBabeAssault
• TO-ThaiBeachBabeDino
• TO-ThaiBeachFinal

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