Public Redirect hosts a public Tactical Ops 3.4 File Redirect. A redirect is used by a game server to transfer files faster to players without consuming server bandwidth. To view the auto updated file list of the redirect go to You are free to download from there but it’s recommended to get files from the File Archive.

To search for filenames on the redirect use the search function of your browser by pressing CTRL+F.
For support or file upload:

Server Configuration

Quick File Summary
2100+ Custom Maps and Required Packages
TOST + TOST Weapons
ACE 0.8G, ACE 0.8H, ACE 1.0C
Announcer2k3, Announcer2k4
Some Mutators/Addons

Map Readme Redirect
When using a custom mapvote mutator that can display readme files such as MapVoteXL or MapVoteUL you can also use (