Map Server

These Tactical Ops 3.4 servers have all the 2200+ maps available for voting so players have an easy way to play, test or explore all preserved maps in the file archive.

It runs the MapVoteUL v2.4 mapvote mutator since it is the only way to support more then 2048 maps. It has a very useful search function that helps greatly when searching a specific map, the only downside is that you need a minimum screen resolution of 1024×768 or 1280×720 for it to display correctly.

The mapvote has the ability to show map screenshots if a map has one, but it requires the map files to be present in your game folder or downloaded in the cache folder. So it more or less functions as a way to see if you have played a map before or not.

All unplayable maps that are not on the server can be viewed here, or from within the mapvote by clicking the “Info” Tab at the top, then “Server Info” button at the bottom.

To open MapVoteUL from within the server simply say !v or !vote in chat. For more information press F2 and read the Message Of The Day in the server. There is an old YouTube video you can watch here that displays the search function and how to change the rainbow colors of the mapvote, the only thing that has changed is that its now much easier to open the mapvote. Server @ 2326 Maps [MapVoteUL]
IP: unreal://
Status: GameTracker | 333Networks Server @ 2326 Maps [AceTest][MapVoteUL]
IP: unreal://