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Tactical Ops as an action orientated semi-realistic modification (mod) for Unreal Tournament. The mod sees two teams, the elite Special Forces and the evil Terrorists battling to the death in different locations around the world. Real life weapons are at both team's disposal, including H&K MP5 sub machine-guns, Colt M4's assault rifles, PH-85 sniper rifles and the all-mighty OICW (Object Individual Combat Weapon) Prototype Rifle/Grenade launcher. There is a variety of different scenarios available to play including the basic hostage-rescue scenario, right though to C4 bombing missions and the theft of prototype weapons! The locations where the scenarios are fought out vary, from the towering dam of Verdon, to the snows of the Antarctic in IcyBreeze. The dockyards of CargoShip to the remote church of Monastery make up just a few of the many locations available to fight in, in Tactical Ops. Money is rewarded for successfully winning a round and the losers will get a little bit to keep them healthy. This cash and be used to purchase weapons, items and amour to help you're team in the struggle of the battlefield. This money could also be saved to but bigger and better weapons to out-smart you're opponents with.

Please take into account that this mod is still at 'beta' status, this meaning that there may still be bugs and glitches in the mod. If you were to stumble across a bug or glitch, please send a detailed description of the bug to Shag, the mod's leader, and we will have that bug ironed out for the next release! With that in mind, please take you're time to browse the manual!