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Welcome to the Tactical Ops manual!!
Tactical Ops is a Realistic Unreal Tournament Teamplay modification, where a Special Forces team will battle to the death with a group of terrorists. Once one team has been wiped out, both teams will be given cash. With this money you can buy new weapons, items and inventory. At the start of a game you will be asked to select a team, either "Special Forces" or "Terrorists". If you choose the elite Special Forces team, you will have to stop the terrorists from killing hostages and escaping to certain points of a map, but, on the other hand, you could choose to be the low down dirty terrorists and stop the Special Forces from rescuing hostages and preventing you from escaping! Either team, its a fight to the death. Throughout the game you can also pick up evidence, such as cocaine and bundles of money, which if you are a member of the Special Forces can be used against the Terrorists in a court of law and if you are a terrorist can be given back to your gang leader, either way you will be rewarded.

This mod is still at "beta" status. The mod is not final; there might still be bugs and glitches in it, which we will fix in later betas. As well as fixing new bugs, we will also add, more levels, game play elements and of course more guns! As the mod progresses you will see some big and some small changes, but both will bring you a better and less buggy mod. The new beta's of Tactical OPs will always be announced first on the Tactical Ops Page, so be sure to check there regularly, apart from new beta news and releases, the site also features exclusive shots of new weapons, maps and more!

If you find a bug could you please report it to the mod's lead beta tester, Bloodknight, if we have not heard of the bug, he will pass it on to Shag. We greatly appreciate bug submissions due to the fact it will help the Tactical Ops community and help bring a better mod for all of us.

Please take your time to browse this manual and we hope you enjoy the manual and the mod!

If you have not used umod files before, here's the quick 'n' dirty guide to installing Tactical Ops! First off is the is how to install it though the UMOD file, and secondly there is a guide to installing it the manual way.
If you cannot run a .umod file, go to Start > Run and type "C:\UnrealTournament\System\Setup.exe install location-of-umod-file" 
(e.g. C:\UnrealTournament\System\Setup.exe install c:\windows\desktop\tacticalops.umod)

Here is the first screen you will be greeted with, it simply shows the version of tactical ops and asks which language you would like to install Tactical Ops in.

On this screen you should put the location of you Unreal Tournament Directory. (default c:\UnrealTournament)

The next screen is just a confirmation screen, check to see if the details displayed are correct.

You're off! The installation process can take anywhere from seconds to minutes to install the mod, depending on the speed you your computer.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed Tactical Ops! Enjoy.

If your computer isn't compatible with UMOD installation files, here is how to install Tactical Ops the 'manual' way :

  • If you have hand previous installations of Tactical Ops / SWAT on your computer, remove "s_SWATModels.u" and "s_SWATDatas.u" from your UnrealTournament/System directory. 

  • Copy all the files from the Tactical Ops download into the appropriate UnrealTournament directory (e.g.Tactical Ops maps into unrealtorunament/maps).

  • Open unrealtournament.ini (located in unrealtorunament/system), then scroll down to [Engine.GameEngine] and add these lines:
    Also remove any lines referring to s_SWATModels and s_SWATDatas.

  • Next scroll to the [UBrowser.UBrowserMainClientWindow] part from the ini file and make sure there is a reference like "ServerListNames[10]=UBrowserTO"
    And below (just before [UBrowserAll]) add:

  • Tactical Ops is now installed. Please note that some people are having trouble running Unreal Tournament Mod that are in their own category. If you are please copy the .int file that is located in the EXTRA folder of the archive into the unrealtorunament/system directory, replace the default one, to fix this issue.

To start a practice game of Tactical Ops is an easy process:

  • Run Unreal Tournament

  • From the Unreal Tournament menu select "Game > Start Practice Session"

  • From the "Category" drop down list select Tactical Ops

  • Now from the "game type" list, select what you would like to play, Tactical Ops, or alternatively, Unreal Tournament with the Tactical Ops Weapons!

  • Next select the Tactical Ops map you would like to play.

  • To configure a more advanced game, you can use the "Rules, Setting and Bots" tabs, most of the options are the same as Unreal Tournaments, those that are not will be explained on the Config and Options section of this manual.

There are two main places where you will configure Tactical Ops. When you start a server or practice session and from the Tactical Ops Config Menu (accessed from the UT menu, Mod > Tactical Ops Config.)

When starting a game or server, these options can be used to modify the game :

  • "Round Duration" - How long a round lasts, in minutes.

  • "Briefing Duration" - The time in seconds, that the level will freeze for at the start of a round. Players can buy weapons in this time.

  • "Enable Ballistics" - When enabled, tracer bullets, wall piercing and bullet sounds are turned ON, when turned off reduces ping but does not look and sound so cool.

  • "Reduce Effects" - Reduces special effects such as smoke, to lower ping, but again, does not look so cool.

  • "Disable IDLEManager " - Disable IDLE player checking (Kills IDLE players and Kick them from the server).

  • "Disable Real Damages" - Turns a damage system on that is similar to Unreal Tournaments, not as realistic.

The options available when from the "Tactical Ops Config" menu : 

    Tactical Ops Keys Config Tab

  • "Reload Weapon" - Reloads you weapon, uses one clip, but fill's you weapon with full bullets.

  • "Buy Primary Ammo" - Buy Ammo for the gun that is currently in your hands.

  • "Use Key" - Open doors, use hostages, ect.

  • "Night vision toggle" - Switches Night vision on and off (has to be purchased first!).

  • "Display Objectives" - Shows the current levels objectives.

  • "Switch Fire Mode" - Change the rate of fire on your gun.

  • "Switch Flashlight" - Turns your flashlight on and off.

  • Tactical Ops Personal Settings Tab

  • "Automatic Reloading" - If checked, Weapon will automatically reload, without having to press the reload key.

  • "Hide Crosshairs" - Hide's the aiming crosshair, more realistic and more tense but much harder.

  • "Hide Wide screen" - Turns wide screen cinema mode off when dead.

  • "Hide Death messages" - If checked, death messages won't be displayed in-game.

  • "HUD Transparency Fix" - Fixes the Transparency of the Heads Up Display / Interface.

  • "HQ Voices" - If checked, more voice samples will be played, sounds better, but more RAM is needed.

  • UT With Tactical Ops Weapons Tab

  • From this menu you can select which weapons will replace the weapons from Unreal Tournament when playing Unreal Tournament with the Tactical Ops weapons. For example if you have the enforcer binded to key "1" you select a Tactical Ops weapon, e.g. Desert Eagle and when you press "1" the Desert Eagle will be selected.

There are also some keys which cannot be changed in Tactical Ops, they are :
Action Key
Select Knife "1"
Select Sidearm/Psitol "2"
Select Submachine gun or Shotgun "3"
Select Assault/Sniper Rifle "4"
Select Grenade "5"

Tactical Ops does not have a steep learning curve so you should get to grips with how Tactical Ops plays within the first 20 minutes or so. Here are a few hints to help you on your way though.

  • To buy weapons use the UT "Voice Menu" which is replaced by the Tactical Ops "Action Window"

  • Learn the Skins you can tell which people are you your team and which are not. (When your crosshair is moved over a player, if it goes red, they are an enemy and if it goes green, they are friendly.)

  • Try to find out what weapons are best for what situations.

  • Use your environment to help you, use things as cover ect.

  • Listen for footsteps, sometimes sound can be your greatest ally.

  • Buy amour, this can save you in sticky situations.

  • Learn the weapons, its no good buying a shotgun in a widespread area and a sniper rifle at close rage.

  • Try to use stealth if you are one of the last few players alive.

  • Check sniping spots if you are close to them, there's nothing worse than having half of your team wiped out by a single sniper.

  • Flashbangs will blind your enemy, and yourself if your not careful.

  • Picking up evidence and keeping it until the end of the round earns you money.

Those are just a few tips, you will develop many new skills and tactics as you play the game, but always keep those few in mind.
The Money System may also be worth remembering to optimize your performance and earn you maximum cash.

Action Money Given / Deducted
Kill An Enemy 300
Kill a Teammate -1000
Kill A Hostage -850
Win The Round 1500
Loose The Round 1000
Rescue a Hostage 700
Hostage Rescue Team Award 300
Keep Evidence Until End Of round 250
Maximum Amount Of Money 20000

The Heads Up Display (HUD) had different icons which can mean different things, to help you understand it, here are the explanations. Please note that the color may be difference depending on your HUD settings.

The amount (in US dollars) next to this symbol is your current amount of cash.
This shows how much 'life' you have left. The higher the number is, the more damage you can sustain before dying.
Different clips for different weapons hold different amounts of ammo. Without any clips you cannot reload. 
This shows the amount of bullets you have left in your current clip.
Round Timer
Shows the time left in the current round.
Base Symbol
When you are in your teams base/starting point, this symbol will be displayed.
Buy Zone
If you are in your teams buy zone, you can buy weapons ammo, and items.
Escape Zone
On escape scenarios the terrorists will escape upon entering this zone.
When you pick up evidence, e.g. Cocaine or Weed, this symbol will be displayed. Keep evidence to earn money.
Hostage Rescue Zone
Upon leading hostages to this zone they will be rescued and you will be given cash.
Special Items
If you pick up a special item, this symbol will appear.
Upon buying a certain piece of amour (Helmet, Vest, Pads) they will appear on the figure of a man. When the amour takes on damage the color will start to fade, from Green, to red, until the amour is depleted.

The Tactical Ops weapon have been divided into into 5 main categories, Explosives (found in items section of manual), Pistols, Sub Machineguns, Shotguns and Rifle's (Assault and Sniper). Each have big differences and are used in very different manners. At any one time you can carry a maximum 4 weapons, your knife, a pistol, a sub-machinegun or shotgun and a rifle. You can also carry 1 grenade at a time. You should try to find out good combinations of weapons, for instance, a sniper might want to carry a sniper rifle for long range and if they find them self in close combat, have a shotgun waiting on there back.

The small and sleek design of this knife make it extremely portable, the small size dose not make it less deadly, also bare in mind that this weapon is very quiet. When your blade gets bloody, use secondary fire to wipe the blood off. You can also buy more knifes and throw them.
The Glock 21 is based around a semi-automatic slider and .45 ACP rounds; it is one of the most well rounded pistols available to buy. The Glock 21 has a good power/accuracy compromise. Although this weapon was developed in Austria and used by it's army, it is manufactured in the USA.
The Desert Eagle was designed, and is used by Israeli Forces. It has a massive .50 caliber, which makes it an extremely powerful sidearm and a valuable addition to the Special Forces and terrorists armory. The Desert Eagle is also very accurate and operates around a semi-automatic slider mechanism.
This combat shotgun has been a useful addition to the US government's armory for a few years. The M3, being a shotgun is designed for close encounters, if you are fighting over a large area it is not advisable to use this weapon because the shell will spread and has a high chance of missing the target.
The Mossberg shotgun is a small yet capable shotgun. It uses standard 12guage cartridges and can hold a maximum of 8 shells at a time. It's power is around the same is the M3?s because both shotguns use the same type of ammunition although the Mossberg has a shorter barrel length so the spread will be greater.
The MP5, seen as the worlds finest Sub MachineGun was adopted by the US navy and configured to their need's to produce the MP5 Navy. It is a well-rounded gun, which has a good compromise of accuracy and power. The rates of fire available are single shot, three round burst and full automatic.
The Mac10 is probably the most infamous gangster weapon in the world. Mainly because it is a sub machinegun which can be held single handily. It fires .45 ACP rounds in a fully automatic fashion, which can be deadly if used correctly. After a few shots from the Mac10, it will become extremely inaccurate.
The AK-47 has been the Russian Army's standard issue assault rifle since World War 2. It uses 7.62mm rounds which when fired in full automatic are very deadly. The biggest problem with this rifle is that it is near useless after 300feet. Today this weapon is becoming increasingly popular in gang's and terrorist organizations.
The Steyr Aug is another Austrian made gun, which is also used by their army. Its sleek futuristic design allows better maneuverability than most other assault rifles. The weapon comes equipped with a scope and ergonomic handgrips. It fires standard 5.56mm NATO rounds.
One of the most futuristic looking weapons available in the game, the FA-MAS is a French built assault rifle, which uses 5.56mm rounds that can be disbursed at full automatic, burst fire or single shot rates of fire. The FA-MAS has an unusual clip size of 25 rounds, which will be quickly wasted in a few seconds of fully automatic fire.
The OICW (Objective Individual Combat Weapon) is said to become the standard weapon of the US and NATO forces in 2006. Its primary weapon is a 20mm cannon, which is mounted above a 5.56mm rifle similar to the G36K. Although it looks bulky and heavy it is still a prototype, the weight is actually about the same as the M16A2 with all accessories!
The SR9 is a semi-automatic weapon, with a simple pistol styled grip. Featuring a large barrel and massive 7.62mmx51NATO rounds, the weapon combines power and accuracy, with a stable rate of fire, although it is a sporting rifle, it has been banned in the US!.
The PSG1 is the most accurate off the shelf semi-automatic sniper rifle available to police and Special Forces unit's. One of the biggest advantages of the weapon is that it uses massive 7.62mm rounds, which can rip straight through body amour and eliminate a target in one or two shots, but the PSG1 can only hold 5 7.62mm rounds in one clip.
Being a bolt-action rifle, the PH-85 has a very low jamming rate and the 7.62mm rounds that are used with the weapon can cause heavy amounts of damage. This weapon was manufactured about 14 years ago in a small country called England. It holds a maximum of 10 7.62mm rounds.

Although everything here is not an it item, this is the best place to categorize it. Some things here are evidence, which, if picked up, you will be rewarded with money providing you keep it until the end of the level. Other things are run of the ill items, such as Nightvision.

The HE grenade is designed to create a small yet powerful blast that will badly damage if not kill your enemies in one go, but if thrown wrong, could bounce back and kill you!
The Flashbang releases a bright flash of white light that can be temporarily used to blind your opponents. Clumsy use may lead to self-blinding.
When a concussion grenade is thrown, and the fuse is burnt out, the grenade will explode and release a deadly spray of shrapnel.
This brick of cocaine would have a street value of thousands of dollars. Cocaine is very addictive so the terrorist drug dealers use that fact to an advantage and make tremendous profits.
These three bags of Marijuana leaves have not yet been dried meaning they are not ready to smoke, unlike the blunts, below
Blunts are rolled up versions of Marijuana which are smoked. This is one of the most common illegal drugs in the world due to the fact its cheap and not addictive.
This larger bundle of money is used as evidence against the terrorists for proof of drug profits, when picked up this is NOT added to your personal amount of money.
Every player carries a bundle of money similar to this. When a player is killed, this money is dropped and may be picked up by another player.
The Night Vision Goggles (NVG) can be used to illuminate dark areas, when equipped. When bright lights are present they can make vision hard if you still have the NVG's turned on.
The Kevlar Helmet, Vest and Pads are designed to slow the penetration of bullets down, meaning that when a player is shot, the bullet will not hurt as much and will not do as much damage.

Here is the total list of everyone who made Tactical Ops possible and their position in the team. So without further a due, put your hands together for the Tactical Ops Team! :

Laurent "Shag" Delayen  Project Leader 
Lead Coder
Graphic Art
Benoit "Jah" Delayen Coding
Chris "Hollywood" Schletter Coding
Toby "Macadoshis" Rees Webmaster 
Manual Design
Graphic Art
Eric "Rojazz" Rojas Webmaster
Concept / Design
PR Guy
Graphic Art
Jack "Warflyr" Davis Lead Modeler
Cedric "SlickRick" Ruffin Modeler
Bilal "Junky" Mechairia Modeler
Graphic Art
Darkhorse Modeler
Kurt "Apocalypse" Cadogan Modeler
Nikolai 'MINION' Gregory Modeler
Galen  Skinning
T.L "GaNjAmAn" Scheffer Skinning
Joshua "Vassago" Stubbles Skinning
Jack "§ixShooter" Luttig Skinning
Anton "MaxModule" Hedlin Wiegert Graphic Art
Barry "Barra" Abe Sound Ambiance
Lani Minella
Pro-Motions Production Company
Voice Casting and Directing
Rick Bowman & Lethal Sounds Audio Production
Alexc19 IRC Admin
-=DA=- Reaper Research
Janis "Flux" Moritz Bode Lead Mapper
Mark "Bloodknight" Iradian Lead Beta Tester
Jan "Melsidore" Lühring 
T.L "GaNjAmAn" Scheffer 
Davis "DavidM" Münnich 
Emil "HypErioN" Attlid 
Rich "@kuma" Eastwood
Warren "TaskMaster" Marshall 
Tynan "Dr.Crowbar" Sylvester 
"Spooger" & "Islington/Egan" 
Oaf ToBark
Beta Testing Team

We would also like to thank all of the Tactical Ops Contributers

  • Gerke "j3rky" Preussner - Actor resetter class, Startup screen.

  • Ian "Threaders" Threadgold - Extremely nice looking camouflage texture pattern.

  • Rodney "Innerchild" Balai - Sound processing.

  • John "Butcher" Mueller - Grate skins and graphic artwork.

  • "Ortop" - Some hostages voices.

  • "[DM]Matryx" - SW-Labs map, rain generator code.

  • "GuyB" - SW-HideOut map.

  • Arnaud "iNTOX" Delayen - SW-HomeAlone map.

  • "Spinex" - Weapons Bazaar map.

  • Tynan "Dr.Crowbar" Sylvester - SW-Ghetto map.

  • Tobbe "Ebbot" Alhen - SW-TrainStation map.

We would also like to give a massive "Thank You" to all these people and establishments:
(in no particular order)

  • Andrew Scheidecker - Helped Shag getting started with Unreal Script

  • ^Soul^ - Helped Shag getting started with Unreal Script

  • GreenMarine - Helpful Information

  • EPIC - For Unreal Tournament and Unreal Script

  • - For hosting our site and give us support and help. Especially QAPete and Stallion.

  • - Support and Amazing Help

  • Maxx3D - Thanks for all your time!

  • Macabre - Author of u3d

  • Dsnake - This mod would never have started without this man!

  • Mongo - Laser Dot network code and time. This man deserves credit!

  • Macbeth Tommaso HKH - NGI Server

  • Butcher from EPIC - Great Skins!

  • Infogrammes & EPIC - UT GOY, support, help (way too many to list)

And the whole Tactical Ops team for their time, devotion and interest !

Manual Design, Content and Graphics Copyright (c) Toby "Macadoshis" Rees 2000.