Links Main Google Drive – The main folder with the following files: Anti Cheat & Server, Client & Patches, Media, Mutators & Addons and Tools & Utilities. Custom Maps #1 Google Drive – TO3.4 & 3.5 Custom Maps starting with *. Custom Maps #2 Google Drive – TO3.4 & 3.5 Custom Maps # > Z. Crossfire Google Drive – Folder with all the TO:Crossfire files for UT2004.

Tactical Ops Channel – YouTube channel started in 2015 to keep TO:AOT alive with multiple uploaders. Multiplayer gameplay, mix wars and other videos.

STO Gaming – Home of the .sG` clan with forums and a detailed statistics page with player stats from their popular TO 3.4 server.

Tactical Square – A community website revolving around tactical games like Tactical Ops.

GameTracker Serverlist – Tactical Ops server list on GameTracker, this list only displays servers that have been manually added to the website.

333 Networks Serverlist – Tactical Ops server list and master server, displays all servers that query to the master server and manually added servers.

TO:AOT Facebook – Facebook page run by some community members.

MiaU-Server Facebook – Facebook page from the .nl -=Miau=- TacticalOps Lo<3 server.

LUK144PL – Polish community run by LUK144PL, also has a YouTube channel.

Tactical Ops LST – Website of the Latin Support Team, an active TO community from the South American regions. Also check out there Facebook page.

ESE Protect – Official website from the ESE Anti Cheat for TO3.5. Downloads, documentations, forum for support etc.

UT Files – File Archive with all Unreal Tournament related files. Since TO is build on UT99 allot of files are compatible on both. (Mutators, mapvotes etc.)

Unreal Admin – Website with lots of information related to Unreal, UT99 and Tactical Ops server configuration and settings.

Old Unreal – Website dedicated purely to the old Unreal and Return to Napali expansion.

UT99 – The biggest and most active Unreal Tournament 99 community, forums and downloads.

TO2.2 – Community site about the Tactical Ops 2.2 mod for UT99.

TO:Crossfire – A fan made mod inspired by TO:AOT build on Unreal Engine 2 (UT2004). Led by the people behind Tactical Ops and TOST, backed up by a bunch of artists, modellers, mappers and supporters. (Inactive multiplayer)

TO4 – TO4: Tactical Operations brings back those nostalgic feelings you know from the early days of online shooters. Round based fast-action first person shooter with classic controls, built using the Unreal Engine 4. (Still in development)

Old TO Stuff

TO1.6 Manual – HTML readme file from the Tactical Ops 1.6 Mod for UT99.

TO2.2 Manual – HTML readme file from the Tactical Ops 2.2 Mod for UT99.

TO:AOT Manual – PDF manual from the Tactical Ops:Assault On Terror retail release.

Old TO websites

TOSP – The old site from the Tactical Ops Singleplayer Mod.

SuperTeam KeyBinder – Page about the SuperTeam Keybinder.

AIM-IT – Old AIM-IT mapping team website.

Tactical Ops World  – Old website from the LST Team.

b33franch Maps – Download page for maps from the b33franch.

Zlodey’s Site – Old page from Zlodey with some downloads.

Snake-KoRn’s Mapping – Old website from Snake-KoRn about mapping.