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Server TitleOOO M O N S T E R S M A T C H OOO #LST
Admin NameHellBoy - HeXeN
Admin Emailtacticalops.sytes.net
IP & Port187.207.17.161:7722
Location MX
Password RequiredNo
VersionTactical Ops 3.4
Time Since Update17:54:04 (hh:mm:ss)
Players0 / 20


Map NameTO-HallOfPillars
Map TitleHall Of Pillars
MutatorsRuneZ, Money Ever, MapVote14XL, Money Ever, RuneZ
Time Limit20
Frag LimitNone
Score LimitNone
Friendly Fire100%
Auto Balance TeamsNo
Bots EnabledNo
Bots Balance TeamsNo
Max Bots0
Current Bot SkillNot Set

Max Teams2
Change LevelsYes
Min. Net Version432
Net Version451
Blacklisted on 333networksNo

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