Compilation Packs

Always make a backup of your game folder before installing custom files. It's recommended to use a separate install to avoid file mismatch errors when joining multiplayer servers.

TO-BotsDM-Mappack V6

This mappack was created years ago to give players who want to play a spiced up practice session a quick start, this is not a "best of pack" and i suggest to also experiment yourself with the many the custom maps you can find in the file archive. Many of the newer good maps found years later are not included.

The 175 custom maps all have bot waypoints and map screenshots. Most are maps are from known mappacks but also lots of other custom maps, remixes of official maps and even a few fun maps. Included are the Deathmatch GameType and the TOMoneyTool Mutator since the gameplay experience with bots in deathmatch can be allot more fun than the default gametype.

You can start a Tactical Match (DM) game from the Mod Tab in the Main Menu bar at the top of the screen. And don't forget to enable the Money Tool from the mutator menu for optimal gameplay. Change the start money in "TOMoneyTool.ini"


TO-Mutator-Pack V2

This pack contains about 25 mutators and addons that goes great together with the TO-BotsDM-Mappack. It contains various gametypes, weapon mutators and many other mutators from all types. Play Monsters with TO2.2 Weapons, Capture the Flag with Matrix Bullettime, Deathmatch with low gravity, Terrorist Hunt with DoubleJump etc, many combinations possible.

Some mutators can be enabled by Practice Session Window then the Mutator Button, others from the GameType list within the Practice Session Window and others by the Main Menu -> Mod button. In that last section you can also edit various settings from some mutators and addons.

Some mutators may not work together so it's up to you to test and experiment. Some may stay active even when selecting a new map without them enabled, restart TO to solve.


Pack with 11 crosshairs, 6 circles and 5 crosses i once randomly put together in a pack. You might like some of them if you play TO at resolutions higher then 1080p. There is a readme included in the download with installation instructions. You can play with custom crosshairs on TO3.4 TOST and ACE servers without any problems.

TacOps Map Editor v2 Deluxe

A version of the official TacOps Editor v2 with some extra tools and addons included such as DaewonBuilders, DavesBrushBuilders, FrameBuilder, RahnemBrushBuilders, Tarquins_Buttons, UE2_extrabuttons and UnrealEdEx. Installation instructions are included in the download. Make sure to check them as beside copying over the files you will also need to edit "TacticalOps.ini" for most of the addons to work.

CSGO Weapons Sounds for TO3.4 v0.1

A sound pack i put together in 2017 with CS:GO weapon sounds. Problem was the CS sound files are much lower volume and me trying to edit the sound files and converting them to lower quality to work in TO did not turn out that great in the end. There is a youtube video to showcase it but somehow the sound quality of the video is very low, as you can even hear the buy sound being of low quality.