Tactical Ops File Archive

Welcome to the TO-Files.nl File Archive with nearly all preserved Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror 3.4 and 3.5 files. You can find everything here: custom maps, game installers, patches, mutators, keybinders, soundpacks, anticheat/server files and more.

To install Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror on modern systems try the TO:AOT 3.4 + 3.5 Fixed Pack. Its an easy download, extract and play package that includes various fixes and is pre-configured so you can play right away.

When searching for a custom map try the TO3.4 Map Server that has all 2400+ maps and a custom mapvote mutator with a search function that might make it easier to find maps then searching on Google Drive. Alternatively you can take a look at the Map Screenshots but that project has been paused and only includes 50% of maps.

This file archive, the public redirect and the map archive server are all maintained by joeycracknl a.k.a SirSmokeALot. To show some support please like, share, comment or subscribe on the Tactical Ops Channel to help the Tactical Ops: Assault On Terror community stay alive and make it grow again. If you have questions, suggestions or want to submit files to the file archive or public redirect send an email to admin@to-files.nl

Before installing Custom Files
Always make a backup of your game folder before installing custom files. It's recommended to use a separate install to avoid file mismatch errors when joining multiplayer servers. Be aware that some Mutators & Addons might be various older version of TO and might not work on v3.4 or v3.5

When installing large amounts of custom maps (1000-1500+) it might take anywhere from 30 to 60+ seconds to open the practice session window, it gets worse the more maps you add. Up until 2048 maps then it crashes when opening. So its not possible to install all custom maps at once.

Custom Maps
All the 2400+ Custom Maps are tested and working on TO:AOT v3.4 and v3.5. All the old map and mappack files are repacked to separate files and contain all required packages in each download. To install them simply drop the archive in your TO folder, click "Extract here" and the map is installed with all files in the required folders. These maps will never overwrite original files and if possible the readme files are preserved.

If you ever find a Custom Map that is somehow missing a package in the download please notify me with an email. Most likely you can find the missing files on the public redirect in uz format.

Due to various reasons the original downloads of the maps and mappack files are no longer stored in the File Archive. Most of those downloads were incomplete with missing packages, contained files that overwrited default files, were damaged or corrupted archives and even had different files with the same names. Also some maps and files had spaces and other redirect incompatible characters in their files names and all these problem have been fixed and repaired.

This means also that the original downloads for UT99 TO mod maps are removed since 90% of them are converted to work on TO3.4 and 3.5 already and there is being worked on the last few. Only the unsorted SWAT maps are still available.

Installing Custom Files
For installing custom files check the included readme or follow these basic rules:
unr files -> Maps
utx files -> Textures
umx files -> Music
uax files -> Sounds
u & int files -> System

When you are have trouble extracting files use 7-Zip to extract all various filetypes you might encounter like 7z, zip, rar etc.

TO:AOT Fixed Pack

To install Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror on modern systems try the TO:AOT 3.4 + 3.5 Fixed Pack. Its an easy download, extract and play package that includes various fixes and is pre-configured so you can play right away. After extracting the archive open the Tactical Ops Quick Join and you can either start TO 3.4 and TO 3.5 from the menu or directly join servers.

Both Downloads contain the same files
- A Fixed version of Tactical Ops: Assault On Terror patched to version 3.4 with OpenGL Renderer v3.5 and SuperTeam Keybinder v1.4. On this version you can easily join all multiplayer servers, some servers use ACE Anti Cheat and only requires you to click a few buttons ingame first joining a server.
- A Fixed version of Tactical Ops: Assault On Terror patched to version 3.5 with OpenGL Renderer from TO3.5 Patch and SuperTeam Keybinder v1.5. On this version some servers require you to install and configure the ESE Anti Cheat and ESE Renderers included in the Extra folder.
- The Tactical Ops Quick Join Tool that allows you to directly join a server from the builtin server browser or manually start either TO3.4 or TO3.5 from the menu.

Download Links
Download TO-AOT-v340-v350.zip (734MB) - Extract with Windows Explorer or WinZip
Download TO-AOT-v340-v350.7z (323MB) - High compressed version, extract with 7-Zip

Changes made since 2017/2018 version
Updated the MarkC Mouse Fix in the Extra folder.
Removed the outdated TO-Launcher from the Extra folder.
Renamed the main folder from "Tactical Ops" to "TacticalOps".

Screenshot of the "TacticalOps" folder after extracting the download:

Screenshot of the Tactical Ops Quick Join Tool:

Installation and Starting

Extract the Zip version with Windows File Explorer/WinZip or the 7z version with 7-Zip. A perfect install directory would be something like "C:/TacticalOps" or "C:/Games/TacticalOps" and not in any User Folder like Desktop, Downloads, Documents or the Program Files Folders.

Start the Tactical Ops Quick Join and select a server you wish to join, or start either TO340 or TO350 manually with Menu -> Launch Tactical Ops 3.4 or Launch Tactical Ops 3.5. Alternatively you can manually start TO3.4 from "TO340/System/TacticalOps.exe" and TO3.5 from "TO350/System/TacticalOps.exe"

Important Settings to tweak to User Preference
Surround Sound and 3D Surround are disabled by default, tweak these to user preference in the Audio Settings. Most Competitive Players will lower or disable View Bob and set the Music Volume to 0%. Also configure the brightness to to increase visibility of enemies.

DirectInput is enabled by default for optimal mouse tracking. this however activates the ALT+TAB Crosshair and Buyscreen Bugs. To disable it go to the Mouse Settings. To get ''better'' mouse tracking without DirectInput, use the MarkC Mouse Fix, its included in the Extra folder. Check the Readme for information.

Some servers might kick you if you have the default "Player" name so change it in the options menu from inside the game.

Intel HD Graphics and TO
On some computers with Intel HD Graphics you might get a black screen when trying to start TO. This might depend on the model number and graphics driver used. It could help searching for a updated driver on Intel's website or your motherboard manufacturer. A work around is pressing F12 on startup to minimize TO, then you can make it full screen again and play the game. This has to be done every time on startup or set StartupFullscreen to False in "TacticalOps.ini"

Potential Fixes if TO is somehow crashing
Make sure you have installed/updated your graphics card drivers, sound drivers and DirectX9. Secondly go to the file properties of TacticalOps.exe and set it to "Run As Administrator". If this does not help disable "Data Execution Prevention" also known as "DEP", to do this search on google "How to disable DEP Windows".

Still have problems running the game or other questions?
You can always send en email to admin@to-files.nl or post a comment on any of videos on the Tactical Ops Channel at YouTube.

Features of the Fixed Pack

Fixed Server Browser + Multplayer
Since the GameSpy shutdown the Tactical Ops server browser stopped working. By using 3 alternative Master Servers they now display servers again. Also the server list only displays servers of a compatible version instead of a mixed server list.

Fixed Game Speed and Mouse Input
By default the game would run at such a high and inconsistent framerate it resulted in speed up and slow down gameplay combined with irregular mouse tracking. By limiting the game to 100fps this has been fixed, SwapInterval is set to 0 to also improve the delay of mouse input. (Perhaps some of these fixes are placebo, but they are all known fixes to fix UT99/TO Mouse input)

Fixed OpenGL Renderers
TO v3.4 has OpenGL Renderer v3.5 that works on all servers. Newer Renderers have been released but are not compatible with multiplayer servers on both versions. TO v3.5 has an older OpenGL Renderer released with the v3.5 Community Patch since that lets you join all servers except the ones that require the ESE Anti Cheat Client installed and activated. For ESE Servers in v3.5 you will need to have installed the ESE Renderers from the ESE Account Manager.

Keybinder Included
Included are SuperTeam Keybinder v1.4 for TO v3.4 and v1.5 for TO v3.5. These can be launched ingame from the main menu and is a tool that lets you bind various game commands to buttons of your choice. Very useful tool and a must have for every player.

The TO 3.5 is ESE compatible
Run the ESESetup.exe in the /Extra/ Folder for the ESE Account Manager. Once you have a ESE account and the keyfile placed into the TO350/System folder, have installed the ESE Client and the Renderers from the Account Manager you should be able to join all TO v3.5 ESE Servers. Just make sure you select the TO350/System/TacticalOps.exe and not the Tactical Ops Quick Join.exe as the install location.

Extra Information

Changes made to TO 3.4 & TO 3.5
- Deleted Outdated Video Renderers (Direct3D, Glide and Metal)
- Deleted Outdated old Audio Renderer (SGL)
- TacticalOps.ini cleaned from data of removed Audio and Video Renderers (Direct3D, Glide and Metal, SGL, XDriver, GenericAudioSubSystem)
- Deleted Unused files from original installer (Setup.exe, Setup.int and Manifest.cfg)
- Deleted Unused Language Files in System Folder (*.det, *.est, *.frt and *.itt)
- Deleted Unused Server files (/Web/ and System/TacticalOpsWinServer.bat and UCC.exe)
- Fixed Server Browser (TacticalOps.ini, TOSystem.int and UBrowser.int)
- Merged Sub folders from /TacticalOps/ with the main folders
- Set to use the OpenGL Renderer by default
- Set FrameLimit to 100, Set SwapInterval to 0
- Set Anisotropic Filtering to 16x by default
- Set Default Resolution to 1024x768 32bits
- Disabled Mouse Smoothing
- Enabled DirectInput
- Brightness @ 50%
- Audio, Music and Announcer Volume @ 50%
- View Bobbing 50% (10% lower as default)
- Disabled Auto Weapon Reload
- Cleaned up TacticalOps.ini and User.ini
- Copied over TacticalOps.ini to Default.ini and User.ini to DefUser.ini

Changes made to TO 3.4
- OpenGL Renderer v3.5 (Latest one compatible with TO3.4 TOST)
- SuperTeam KeyBinder v1.4 (Made for TO3.4)

Changes made to TO 3.5
- OpenGL Renderer from TO 3.5 Patch (Some servers with no ESE kick for OpenGL Renderer v3.5)
- SuperTeam KeyBinder v1.5 (Made for TO3.5 with compatilbilty for TO3.4)

Changed_or_Removed_Files.zip - Added as backup
Included in the Extra folder is a Changed_or_Removed_Files.zip that includes all deleted or altered files.

Custom Packs

Always make a backup of your game folder before installing custom files. It's recommended to use a separate install to avoid file mismatch errors when joining multiplayer servers.

This page contains packs created to give players who want to play a spiced up practice session a quick start, these are not necessarily "best of packs" and i suggest to also experiment yourself with the many the custom maps and mutators that you can find in the file archive.

TO-BotsDM-Mappack V4

This Map Pack contains 175 custom maps, all have bot waypoints and map screenshots. It contains a few of the best made custom maps. Most are from known mappacks, lots of separate custom maps, remixes of official maps and even a few fun maps. Included are the Deathmatch GameType and the TOMoneyTool Mutator since the gameplay experience with bots in deathmatch is much better then the default gametype.

If you have suggestions for maps to be added please comment them on the YouTube Video. Keep in mind the maps needs bot pathing/support and have a map screenshot.

To make sure the bots upgrade from their Baretta's and Glock's as fast as possible it's recommended to use at least Adept difficulty bots or higher. The file "TacticalOps.ini DM Settings" in the Extra folder contains a copy of the [TODM.TMMod] section that gets created in your TacticalOps.ini after running the DM gametype for the first time. It has better settings for the bots and all TO3.4 weapons enabled as some are disabled by default. Copy these to your TacticalOps.ini for best DM gameplay.

You can start a Tactical Match (DM) game from the Mod Tab in the Main Menu bar at the top of the screen. And don't forget to enable the Money Tool from the mutator menu for optimal gameplay. Change the start money in TOMoneyTool.ini

YouTube Video
Readme + Map List
Download TO-BotsDM-MappackV4.zip (638MB)

TO-Mutator-Pack V2

This pack contains about 25 mutators and addons that goes great together with the TO-BotsDM-Mappack. It contains various gametypes, weapon mutators and many other mutators from all types. Play Monsters with TO2.2 Weapons, Capture the Flag with Matrix Bullettime, Deathmatch with low gravity, Terrorist Hunt with DoubleJump etc, many combinations possible.

Some mutators can be enabled by Practice Session Window then the Mutator Button, others from the GameType list within the Practice Session Window and others by the Main Menu -> Mod button. In that last section you can also edit various settings from some mutators and addons.

Some mutators may not work together so it's up to you to test and experiment.
(Some may stay active even when selecting a new map without them enabled, restart TO to solve)

Download TO-Mutator-PackV2.zip (26MB)


Pack with 11 crosshairs, 6 circles and 5 crosses i once randomly put together in a pack. You might like some of them if you play TO at 1080p resolution or higher.

Download Crosshairpack.zip (38KB)

Map Screenshots

Currently this project has been paused and probably wont be worked on for a while. There are "only" 1194 maps that have a screenshot but there are 2400+ maps in the file archive. Many folders that were once completed are now missing allot of screenshots since many maps have been added to the file archive afterwards.

Beside fully missing the letters *, B, C, and S there are still allot of screenshots to view. All images are 1600x900, have 8x AA + 16x AF, 50% brightness and are PNG format 1-2MB in size.

Browse Screenshots in Google Drive

Map Server

This Tactical Ops 3.4 server has all the 2400+ maps available for voting so players have an easy way to play, test or explore all preserved maps in the file archive. Instead of TOST Mapvote this server uses the MapVote Ultimate v2.4 mutator to vote maps. To open the mapvote say !v or !vote in chat. The "showvotetab" command in the console doesn't work anymore. For more information press F2 and read the Message Of The Day in the server.

It has a very useful search function that helps greatly when searching a specific map. The only requirement is that you need a screen resolution of 1024x768, 1280x720 or higher for the mapvote to display correctly. The mapvote can also show map screenshots if a map has one, but it requires the map files to be present in your game folder or downloaded in the cache folder. So it more or less functions as a way to see if you have played a map before or not.

Most maps have pre-configured weapon selections meaning only DE on Deagle maps, only DE+MSG on Sniper Maps, only Knives on Knife Maps, only Grenades on Grenade Maps and all other get access to all weapons and free DE+MP5+MSG since allot of maps have broken buyzones.

All unplayable maps that are not on the server and various server commands can be viewed here, or from within the mapvote by clicking the "Info" Tab at the top, then "Server Info" button at the bottom.

There is an old YouTube video you can watch here that displays the search function and how to change the rainbow colors of the mapvote, the only thing that has changed is the way the mapvote is opened.

TO-Files.nl Server @ 2460 Maps [ACE][MapVoteUL]
Status: GameTracker | 333Networks

There is also a player stats page on GameTracker with Score, Time Played and Score/Min.

Public Redirect

A redirect is used by a game server to transfer files faster to players without consuming game server bandwidth. This TO3.4 redirect is public and free to be used by anybody, you can use it on your server or with demo manager addons that allow auto file download.

The redirect is online 24/7 and is hosted on to-files.nl and not on the same server as the game servers. Monthly bandwidth is unlimited. The filenames on the redirect are not case sensitive. Currently 4.8GB / 5GB of space is used by 3900+ uz compressed files.

If you use this redirect on your server it is strongly recommended to download all custom maps from the TO-Files.nl file archive, various maps have been fixed and some filenames have been edited since they had characters in their files names that are incompatible with http redirect.

Server Configuration

File Summary
2400+ Custom Maps and Required Packages
TOST v4.2.4.0 + TOST Weapons v1.4.0.0
NexGen v1.12 + PlayerLookup v2.02N
ACE v1.0H
Announcer2k3, Announcer2k4
Various Mutators: DM, CTF, MapVoteUL, Monsters, sGBet, TechsNoDodge and others

To view the live file list of the redirect go to uz.to-files.nl, you can use the search function of your browser CTRL+F to search for file names.

For support or file upload: admin@to-files.nl


I found it sad that allot of custom files are vanishing every day for all old-school pc games with mod support and i chose Tactical Ops: Assault On Terror as the game i would make sure nothing more gets lost. Also the fact that Unreal, UT99 and TO were one of the first pc games i played however both Unreal and UT99 already have large file collection websites.

The file archive was first online on the domains TacticalOps.tk and TacOps.tk in 2015 and 2016. Early 2017 i decided to purchase a domain since i wanted host a server with all custom maps and therefor needed a http redirect with lots of space and faster speeds then most free web hosts could offer. Also unlimited bandwidth would be a requirement especially since i wanted to make the redirect public.

In 2015 i saw that allot of TO related websites went offline and there were only a few left. I thought if this continues then in a few year all custom files would be vanished from the internet. With the main focus on custom maps, i started to download all files i could find from the internet. Searching with google and bing for days i found all remaining websites and downloaded all files. After this i started to download maps from servers before i realized i could download complete server redirects from both TO and UT99 servers.

Between the downloading and collecting of files in late 2015 i started the Tactical Ops Channel on YouTube, both trying to show simple guide videos with downloads links in the video descriptions and to show that there are still servers and players online. A few other TO players have also contributed many videos to the channel, view the About page on the channel for more info.

When sorting all custom maps a few problems encountered were such as allot of maps included files that would overwrite official TO files, maps with different files with the same name, maps with missing packages, filenames with spaces and other http redirect incompatible characters and this all had to be fixed. Since allot of the old map downloads had missing files and some even corrupt files there was decided to repack all maps and mappacks to seperate files with all packages included.

One of the biggest breakthrough was finding a stash of old "hidden" redirects from long forgotten TO servers by a game-server host who still had all their redirects online. Also i found a public 90+ GB UT99 redirect with various old TO maps and other TO redirects which i downloaded completely. This combined with all the maps downloaded from the last few remaining online websites and all online game-servers i had quite a stash of file to start an archive with.

Luckily with the large collection of packages it was also possible to find certain lost packages that were missing from all old TO maps and mappack downloads. (The last missing few missing packages have been recreated to make all maps playable)

While the collecting, testing of all maps and repairing of some maps was very time consuming, the sorting process of repacking all maps with all required packages, the removal of modified official files, the removing of duplicates and checking of different files with same names could all mostly be automated with help of various programs. (7-Zip, MyMapManager, AntiTwin, BatchFileRenamer)

Then in summer of 2018 a project was started with the help of SpiritSuxor to convert and repair all maps that would not work on TO3.4 & 3.5. These were made for older versions for the TO Mod on UT99. Currently over 300+ maps have been converted and only 10% remain.


TO-Files.nl Main Google Drive - The main folder with the following files: Anti Cheat & Server, Client & Patches, Media, Mutators & Addons and Tools & Utilities.

TO-Files.nl Custom Maps #1 Google Drive - Custom Maps starting with *.

TO-Files.nl Custom Maps #2 Google Drive - Custom Maps # > Z.

TO-Files.nl Crossfire Google Drive - TO:Crossfire files for UT2004.

Tactical Ops Channel - YouTube channel started in 2015 to keep TO:AOT alive with multiple uploaders. Multiplayer gameplay, mix wars and other videos.

333 Networks Serverlist - Tactical Ops server list and master server, displays all servers that query to the master server and manually added servers.

GameTracker Serverlist - Tactical Ops server list on GameTracker, this list only displays servers that have been manually added to the website.

TO:AOT Facebook - Facebook page run by some community members.

MiaU-Server Facebook - Facebook page from the .nl -=Miau=- TacticalOps Lo<3 server.

STO Gaming - Home of the .sG` clan with forums and a detailed statistics page with player stats from their popular TO 3.4 server.

Tactical Square - A community website revolving around tactical games like Tactical Ops.

Die Spielwiese - Website from the old german Spielwiese server.

LUK144PL - Polish community run by LUK144PL, also has a YouTube channel.

Tactical Ops LST - Website of the Latin Support Team, an active TO community from the South American regions. Also check out there Facebook page.

ESE Protect - Official website from the ESE Anti Cheat for TO3.5. Downloads, documentations, forum for support etc.

UT Files - File Archive with all Unreal Tournament related files. Since TO is build on UT99 allot of files are compatible on both. (Mutators, mapvotes etc.)

Unreal Admin - Website with lots of information related to Unreal, UT99 and Tactical Ops server configuration and settings.

Old Unreal - Website dedicated purely to the old Unreal and Return to Napali expansion.

UT99 - The biggest and most active Unreal Tournament 99 community, forums and downloads.

TO2.2 - Community site about the Tactical Ops 2.2 mod for UT99.

TO:Crossfire - Website of the fan made Tactical Ops Mod for UT2004. Sadly the multiplayer scene has died and the server browser is empty.

TO4 - Website of the still in development TO4 Tactical Operations built on UE4 that will also be on Steam.

Old TO Stuff

TO1.6 Manual - HTML readme file from the Tactical Ops 1.6 Mod for UT99.

TO2.2 Manual - HTML readme file from the Tactical Ops 2.2 Mod for UT99.

TO:AOT Manual - PDF manual from the Tactical Ops: Assault On Terror retail release.

Old TO websites

TOSP - The old site from the Tactical Ops Singleplayer Mod.

SuperTeam KeyBinder - Page about the SuperTeam Keybinder.

AIM-IT - Old AIM-IT mapping team website.

Tactical Ops World - Old website from the LST Team.

b33franch Maps - Download page for maps from the b33franch.

Zlodey's Site - Old page from Zlodey with some downloads.

Snake-KoRn's Maps - Old website from Snake-KoRn about his maps.