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Welcome to the Tactical Ops File Archive with nearly all preserved Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror 3.4 and 3.5 files. You can find everything here: custom maps, game installers, patches, mutators, keybinders, soundpacks, anticheat/server files and more.

Always make a backup of your game folder before installing custom files. It's recommended to use a separate install to avoid file mismatch errors when joining multiplayer servers. Be aware that some Mutators & Addons might be for various older versions of TO.

To install Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror on modern systems try the TO:AOT 3.4 + 3.5 Fixed Pack. Its an easy download, extract and play package that includes various fixes and is pre-configured so you can play right away.

This file archive, the public redirect and the map archive server are all maintained by joeycracknl. To show some support please like, share, comment or subscribe on the Tactical Ops Channel on YouTube to help the Tactical Ops: Assault On Terror community stay alive and make it grow again.

If you have questions, suggestions or want to submit files to the file archive send an email to admin@to-files.nl

To extract all filetypes you might download (7z, zip and rar) try 7-zip.

Important Notice

Most likely after 04/2020 the site will go back to way it started on tacticalops.tk and tacops.tk in 2015.

Site News

• Server changed IP to
• New simple custom map search in the File Archive
• Large map screenshots now directly viewable by clicking on preview image
• Thanks to "Sp1r1tSuxor" 100+ Map Screenshots added to B Folder
• Thanks to "Spike" 300+ Map Screenshots added to S & B Folder

Latest Files

• TO-FishBowl & TO-SnowyMassacreBeta
• TO-MetroStation & TO-SWAT-MovingDayMassacre
• TO-SWAT-DTrain
• TO-[C]rash_Guerilla & TO-DeagleXmas
• TO-[C]rash_BlisterWar, TO-[C]rash_MontWar, TO-[C]rash_SpeedWar & TO-[C]rash_The_War_Christmas
• TO-[C]rash_The_Electric_Power updated
• TO-(Offi)-LostParadise updated
• TO-TearsOfSunDown
• TO-1on1-Banktrix & TO-TearsOfSun updated
• TO-[C]rash_BattleChristmas
• TO-CIA2-2019f
• TO-[C]rash_FantasticChristmas
• TO-[C]rash_HappyChristmas
• TO-ChineseDownhill, TO-MexPoolParty, TO-MexPoolPartyMAX, TO-PenetratorBomb & TO-RorkesDrift3
• TO-ThaiBeachBabeAssault, TO-ThaiBeachBabeDino, TO-ThaiBeachFinal, TO-Turok-DinoHell & TO-Turok-GreenWorld
• TO-[C]rash_Alpha13StakingCamp
• TO-KillOnSight[V1]
• TO-[C]rash_DuelCombat
• TO-A-Ancient, TO-A-Carguero, TO-A-CargueroFix, TO-A-Escape, TO-DM-Trooper
• TO-BigMountBox1 & TO-BigMountBox2
• TO-[C]rash_ArenaBombing
• Demo Manager v3.5
• TO-[C]rash_Fun
• 11 TO-SF Maps converted by "Sp1r1tSuxor"
• 85 TO-SWAT Maps converted by " Sp1r1tSuxor"
• ACE v1.1D