Welcome to the TO-Files.nl File Archive with nearly all preserved Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror related files. You can find everything here from custom maps, game installers, patches, mutators, keybinders, soundpacks, anticheat/server files and more.

Click here to browse files in Google Drive, download entire folders in one click and once logged in with a google account you can use the search function. Alternatively use the side menu on this site to directly open folders.

To install Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror on modern systems try the TO:AOT 3.4 + 3.5 Fixed Pack. Its an easy download, extract and play package that includes various fixes and is pre-configured so you can play right away.

If you have questions, suggestions or want to submit files send an email to admin@to-files.nl

This file archive, the public redirect and the map archive server are all maintained by joeycracknl. To show some support please like, share, comment or subscribe on the Tactical Ops Channel to help the Tactical Ops: Assault On Terror community stay alive and make it grow again.

Before installing Custom Files

Always make a backup of your game folder before installing custom files. It’s recommended to use a separate install to avoid file mismatch errors when joining multiplayer servers. Be aware that some Mutators & Addons might be various older version of TO and might not work on v3.4 or v3.5

When installing large amounts of custom maps (1000-1500+) it might take anywhere from 30 to 60+ seconds to open the practice session window, it gets worse the more maps you add. Up until 2048 maps then it crashes when opening. So its not possible to install all custom maps at once.

Custom Maps TO3.4 & 3.5 Section

All the 2150+ Custom Maps are tested and working on TO:AOT v3.4 and v3.5. They contain all required packages in each individual map download. To install them simply drop the archive in your TO folder, click “Extract here” and the map is installed with all files in the required folders. These maps will never overwrite original files and if possible the readme files are preserved.

If you ever find a map in the Custom Maps TO 3.4 & 3.5 section that is somehow missing a package in the download please notify me with an email. Most likely you can find the missing files on the public redirect in uz format.

Other Maps Section

All custom maps that are playable are in the Custom Maps TO 3.4 & 3.5 section already. These are more as a backup, it’s not recommended to mix files from the Other Maps Section with maps from the Custom Maps TO 3.4 & 3.5 Section.

The “Maps Missing Packages” and “Maps Need Fixing” are maps that wont work on TO 3.4 & 3.5 and need editing or fixing before they are playable.

The “Old Maps & Mappacks” are the original map and mappack files that started the file archive, be aware they might have missing packages or have files that overwrite original TO files. This folder does not include all the maps retrieved from various UT99 and TO redirects.

Installing Custom Files

For installing custom files check the included readme or follow these basic rules:
unr files -> Maps
utx files -> Textures
umx files -> Music
uax files -> Sounds
u & int files -> System

When you are have trouble extracting files use 7-Zip to extract all various filetypes you might encounter like 7z, zip, rar etc.